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The Anger Meter

The Anger MeterThe Anger Meter makes you more aware of your anger. Crowds, noisy children, strangers acting rudely, or stress can all trigger anger. The Anger Meter pinpoints how these triggers affect anger levels. The Meter features a 0 to 10 scale. A "0" on the scale means calm. A "10" on the scale means rage and aggressive behavior.

People don't score a "9" or "10" right away. Anger usually starts low and moves up the scale. Some people who hold in their anger may hold steady at a "3" or "4" for a long time, then suddenly spike to a "10."

A "10" on the scale is reserved for aggressive behavior that causes harm.

Example: Ed is at a party when someone spills his drink. The person apologizes, but Ed starts yelling and cursing. When Ed tries to pick a fight with the other partygoer, Ed's friends have to restrain him. Ed has reached a "10" on the Anger Meter scale. Ed's aggressive behavior led to strained relationships and the threat of legal problems.

Everyone's Anger Meter scores are different. In other words, a "5" for one person may be a "7" for someone else. For most, a score above "3" suggests they're less able to think clearly. If your anger level rises above "3," use an anger management tool to lower your anger.

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