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Domestic Violence

Managing Victims of Domestic Violence

Supervisors can find tips on how best to manage employees who are victims of domestic violence here.

If You are a Victim of Domestic Violence

  • Often perpetrators of domestic violence will attempt to sabotage their partners' careers or jobs. They often do this through relentless phone calls or texts to victims at work. Notify your manager if your partner's intrusions interfere with your work. In addition, notify Duke Police and your manager if you suspect your partner may show up at Duke.
  • You may feel embarrassed or ashamed about your situation at home. However, there are many victims of violence in workplaces. Our organizations have a responsibility to keep us and our coworkers safe. We need to provide them with information so they can do just that.
  • Perpetrators also strive to isolate victims from others-in order to control them. By speaking to someone in management, HR, or Duke Police whom you trust about your situation, you break the isolation. You increase the chances that you can find more safety and peace.
  • Ask Duke Police or Hospital Security for an escort to and from your car.
  • Consider getting a DVPO (Domestic Violence Protective Order) and give a copies (along with a photo of the perpetrator) to Duke Police as well as your manager. Share relevant information with colleagues-especially the front desk employees.
  • Seek help from a local domestic violence agency and from PAS at Duke (919-416-1727). Duke Raleigh Hospital employees can contact their EAP at 919-872-4786. Durham Regional Hospital employees can contact their EAP at 1-800-640-0735 or 919-932-9026. You can use these resources to assist with danger assessment and safety planning.