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Grief in the Workplace

Trauma Reactions & Resources Although trauma affects people differently, such events can create strong emotional and physical reactions. An important point to remember is that such reactions are quite common and normal for people to experience when they experience or witness a horrible event. Read more...

This web article is designed to provide information on how grief affects three audiences: those experiencing a loss, those working with someone experiencing grief, and those managing someone experiencing grief.


Grief is a natural, normal response to loss. Although grieving is a normal reaction, at times grief can feel enormously painful, overwhelming, and exhausting. Beginning to understand your grieving experience, and taking gradual steps to address your pain and loss, can be important and integral components of recovering from your grief.

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Grief in the WorkplaceGRIEF AT WORK

Work is a place where you spend a considerable amount of time in your life. When someone close to you dies, not only do you have to cope with this loss, but you must also adjust to working or returning to work after the death. The early weeks or months may be especially difficult.

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In the workplace loss can be experienced in many ways; the serious illness of a co-worker; the death of a co-worker; or the death of a co-worker's loved one. All of these losses have a consequence in the workplace and need the attention of every member of the organization.

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Lastly the role of supervisor or manager can be difficult during a time of grief and sadness. Work performance and the office atmosphere may be low but there are things managers and supervisors can keep in mind to help support employees and their work.

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