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Can PAS Help?

In this video, Andy Silberman, director of Duke's Personal Assistance Service, talks about what PAS is and what it offers Duke employees.

Some people have difficulty in contacting a counseling resource or deciding whether it may be beneficial. PAS counselors often talk with people experiencing a range of personal, family, or work-related problems, including:

  • marital and relationship difficulties
  • family issues
  • emotional distress
  • alcohol and drug concerns
  • career issues, work conflicts, and stress
  • financial or legal situations

Your feelings about a situation can be used as a guide. If you are experiencing the following feelings more often than you would like, it may be helpful to talk about them with a PAS counselor:

  • distressed, upset, hurt
  • sad, depressed
  • helpless, confused, stuck
  • anxious, worried
  • over-stressed, fatigued
  • guilty, ashamed

Any circumstance that is of concern to you is appropriate to discuss with a counselor at PAS.