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Money Management

If you or someone you know needs assistance with financial education - including budgeting, loans, getting out of debt, and foreclosure prevention - the following resources offer services that can help.

Duke Credit Union: All employees and graduate students paid by Duke University and Duke Health, as well as alumni, retirees, and immediate family members, are eligible for membership in the Duke Credit Union, located in Erwin Square Tower, 2200 W. Main Street, Durham. Services offered by the Duke Credit Union include checking and savings accounts, home, car, school, and personal loans, and various financial educational opportunities, including budget counseling.

Compass Center for Women and Families (services also available for men): Compass Center for Women and Families' financial education programs help individuals become self-sufficient and financially stable. They offer individual financial counseling to help with budgeting, managing debt, developing a financial plan, and learning about credit. Sliding scale fees are available. They also offer financial coaching and support in the form of an eight-week group, as well as volunteer tax assistance.

NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund: The NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund assists North Carolina residents at risk of losing their homes due to job loss, reduction in income, divorce, illness or death of a spouse, or temporary financial hardship.

Clearpoint Financial Solutions: Clearpoint Financial Solutions is a national nonprofit financial credit counseling agency, with a local office in Raleigh, NC. Clearpoint's mission is to promote consumer health through financial education and provide individuals with tools for lasting financial wellness. In addition to offering financial counseling, Clearpoint provides advisory services and education resources to help individuals with a range of issues, including credit card debt reduction, bankruptcy counseling, mortgage/reverse mortgage delinquency counseling and foreclosure prevention.

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