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The Multigenerational Workplace

2. Description of the four distinct work groups

The Veterans or Matures

  • The Multigenerational WorkplaceExperienced or were influenced by two wars & the Great Depression.
  • Believe more in the value of work than finding personal meaning in one's work.
  • Value sacrificing for the common good and loyalty to the organization more than the needs of the individual.
  • Have definite views about respecting authority. 

Baby Boomers

  • The Multigenerational WorkplaceGrew up in a time of prosperity, change and expansion.
  • Grew up with a strong sense of security due to the economic expansion of their time.
  • Currently, less concerned about career issues and more concerned about family and security in the future.
  • With age, have returned to some of the root values of parents.
  • Comprise 53% of the labor force and most likely run the majority of businesses in the US.

The Multigenerational WorkplaceGeneration X

  • Age of latchkey kid, due to necessity of two income families.
  • Era is marked by unrest; disappointment in leaders; anxiety around health, safety, job and financial areas.

Nexters (Millennials, Gen. Y)

  • First generation to be born into homes with computers-digital era.
  • Know more about technology than their parents.
  • The Multigenerational WorkplaceBecause of the advances in technology and the enormity of conveniences, this generation is flooded with choices.
  • Sometimes these conveniences and multiple choices/options creates problems for the Nexter.
  • Choices and decisions are at times made without the benefit of wisdom and skills to support the decision.

Part 3. Work performance expectations for these different groups