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Help! My Employee is Not Performing Up to Par

Effective strategies for supervisors in addressing employee performance problems

1. Strategies for identifying and describing performance problems

Help! My Employee is Not Performing Up to ParHow do I prepare to address employee performance problems?

The time spent in preparing is well worth the effort. You will need to:

  • Define the problem using specific and objective terms
  • Think through some possible causes of the problem
  • Be aware of your organizational supports to help you in this task

What is the problem?

It is important to define the problem using objective terms, not emotional terms

  • Objective Descriptors
    • Yelled at a customer
    • Missed 8 out of 12 committee meetings
    • Took a personal phone call instead of assisting a patient
    • Missed the deadline on three assignments in a one month period
  • Emotional Descriptors
    • Poor attitude
    • Not a team player
    • Unprofessional
    • Arrogant
    • Rude
    • Unmotivated

2. Possible contributors to performance problems >>