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The "Sandwich Generation"

Understanding more about how this work and family life issue affects you and your employees

The Sandwich Generation1. What is the Sandwich Generation?

If you are caught between caring for both your children and your parents, then you are a part of the sandwich generation. This phenomenon has come to be called the sandwich generation because adults feel a bit "sandwiched" as they care for elderly parents and young or adolescent children. Additional responsibilities of having jobs outside the home adds to this mix.

  • The multigenerational household has become more commonplace recently due to:
    • Baby boomers beginning their families in their 30's
    • Many of their parents are living longer
    • These baby boomers are now in their 40's and 50's, parenting high school age children; and
    • Attending to the needs of their aging parents.

2. Seek ways to make this a rewarding experience for all family members >>