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The "Sandwich Generation"

Caring for your aging parents and your children can be challenging. There are ways to reduce caregiver stress and maintain a healthy sense of well being during these challenging years.

The Sandwich Generation2. Seek ways to make this a rewarding experience for all family members

When caring for aging parents:

  • Discuss and plan together.
    • How will the situation affect the family?
    • How will it affect each individual?
    • What does each member hope for or fear?
    • What needs to be addressed immediately?
  • Don't view this situation as a reversal of roles- you are not your parent's parent.
  • Continue to view your parents as individuals who still have a lot to contribute
  • Let some of the time spent with parents be bonding time
    • Look at old photo albums together
    • Reflect on early memories
    • Join your parents in watching their favorite TV program
    • Invite their friends over

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