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Role of Managers and Employees in Preventing Suicide

Suicide is sometimes preceded by behavior changes consistent with depression, psychosis, substance abuse, or life problems that create despair or hopelessness. As a manager or co-worker, you are in a unique position both to notice behavior changes in employees that could indicate a problem and to encourage the employee to get assistance.


Many times performance issues develop that are related to behavior changes that the manager needs to address. By addressing these issues early and offering resources for help to the employee, a manager can intervene in a powerful way. Many employees who initially resist help have been grateful later for intervention that helped them function more effectively.

Duke supervisors and managers may call Duke PAS (919-416-1727) to consult with a counselor if you have concerns about a Duke employee and are unsure of how to proceed.

For more detailed information on how managers can help see:


As a co-worker, you may be in a position to notice behavior changes in coworkers that raise concern. Sometimes individuals in distress don't have the energy or wherewithal to track down resources that can help. By telling a colleague that you have noticed changes in their behavior and expressing concern, you can be of great service to that individual. You can listen and offer support, and remind them of available resources such as Duke PAS.

If you have concerns about someone and are uncertain about how to approach them, you can consult with your manager, Duke PAS (919-416-1727), or the National Suicide hotline (800-273-TALK) for guidance.

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