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Work-Life Balance

We are busier than ever, and finding the right work-life balance can feel elusive. Here are some tips to help:

  • Start small and build: How many times have you resolved to make changes - New Year's resolutions, milestone birthday, class reunion - and failed to continue the change after just a short while? Break down any new change you want to make into very small - but easily doable - steps. All or nothing thinking is a recipe for failure.
  • Turn off technology: Going cold turkey from your phone, computer, or tablet may feel too daunting. Start with small changes, such as not bringing your phone to the dinner table. Then try turning electronics off at 8:00 pm. Or, don't take your laptop or tablet on vacation. Eventually, you can start increasing the amount of time you spend unplugged.
  • Build in downtime: No one can work at 100% capacity all the time. Most focused at 9:00 am? Schedule that time to work on your most important tasks of the day. Sleepy at 3:00 pm? Save that time for tasks that don't require much brain power.
  • Accept imperfection: If you get hung up on the idea that the only way things can be complete is if they are perfect, take a step back to reconsider what "good enough" might look like.
  • Use vacation: According to Duke HR, the vast majority of Duke employees do not take advantage of their vacation benefits. Time away from work is crucial for rest, relaxation, and regaining perspective.
  • Flex time: Duke offers flex time for various job positions. Does your job qualify? The HR policy can be found here.
  • Live for Life programs: From exercise and nutrition guidance to lifestyle change programs, Live for Life is an excellent resource to help bring your body and mind back into balance.
  • Personal Assistance Service (PAS): Sometimes having a neutral third party perspective can bring clarity. Counselors at PAS are here to listen and offer feedback that may help you refocus your energy and set achievable goals.