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Technology can turn a job into a 24/7 experience, so a lack of work-life balance can be a challenge. This strain contributes to lower productivity and burnout. It's up to employees to "hit the off switch," but some are better at doing it than others. This makes awareness and education about work-life balance a worthy pursuit. Practice establishing traditions that facilitate work-life balance. One tradition might be having everyone agree to not respond to emails and work-related texts after business hours, except in specific circumstances. (This could influence employees to get more done during regular business hours.) Brainstorm other work-life balance ideas. Celebrate and reward participation in these practices. A Web search of “ways to achieve work-life balance” will lead you to many ideas. Consider input from your human resources advisor, too. Suggest PAS to employees who demonstrate struggles with work-life balance. Note that motivating employees to practice work-life balance won't be effective unless you are doing it yourself.

Research studies showed that when the crisis subsided enough for employees to return to work, millions had moved on. What followed was a worker shortage allowing employees to compete for greater benefits, including attractive remote work arrangements. A desire to not return to the original job also played a role in adding to a labor shortage. Suddenly, "employers needed employees more than employees needed employers." One study concludes that factors that can exacerbate the loss of workers are "toxic" company culture, low salary, poor management, lack of healthy work-life boundaries, and not allowing remote work. Are you able to influence change with any of these issues? Some are not related to pay but soft skills and relationship management. It is here that the PAS has expertise. Read below what the Gallup research organization discovered about the supervisor's role. Strive for a positive and engaging relationship with workers. Most will think twice before giving it up, even for additional pay in another job. Source.