Well-Being Webinar Series

Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality

This webinar series introduces you to the science of well-being and the practical tools and strategies you can use right away to emotionally support yourself and your team, department, unit, or organization. In the second half the series, you’ll have the opportunity to take a deeper dive and explore evidence-based well-being practices, learn advanced concepts, and discover additional tools along the way.

All sessions are taught by well-being experts from the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality, a research and training hub in the Duke University Health System. While some of the material may be geared towards a medical audience, the core concepts are applicable to learners, managers, and team members across a broad spectrum of industries.

All webinars are available for free to those with a Duke login.

To find out more about the Center, visit hsq.dukehealth.org or visit us on Twitter or Facebook.

#1 Burnout

#2 Enhancing Resilience

#3 Health Care Workers

#4 Enhancing Resilience

#5 Safe Stress & the Science of Sleep

#6 Psychological Safety

#7 Being Present

#8 Relationship Resilience

#9 Collaboration vs. Difficult Colleagues

#10 Science of Wow

#11 Positive WalkRounds

#12 Enhancing Resilience

#13 Culture

#14 Evidence for Humor

#15 Institutional vs. Individual Resources

#16 Coping with Change

#17 Signature Strengths

#18 Coping

#19 Self Compassion

#20 Improvement Readiness

#21 Overview

#22 Absence of Burnout

#23 Patient Safety Leadership

#24 The Pursuit of Happiness