Management Consultation

Managers, supervisors, or anyone in a leadership role are vital to the success of our organization. Organizational and staff issues surface on a continual basis, and are often associated with personal problems. As challenges arise around the technical or behavioral performance of an employee, leaders may desire to talk through a situation, strategize their approach or gain added perspective. PAS counselors specialize in communication and management of behavioral concerns in the workplace. We are available to discuss courses of action and options with you, as well as to coach on how to approach sensitive matters. Although a counselor may be able to determine whether PAS could be helpful, ultimately, it is the employee’s decision to pursue counseling.

Areas for consultation include:

  • Personal or work problems interfering with performance, attitude, or attendance 
  • Concern for violence or other workplace behavioral risk
  • Questions about possible impairment and/or substance abuse
  • PAS services promotion 
  • Workplace stress and employee resiliency
  • Managing change and transition
  • Critical Incident & Response to Crisis