At some point in life we may feel the need to seek help and consultation. It could be to help you navigate life's pathways, find more satisfaction in your work and relationships, and/or to maximize your health and emotional well-being. Duke recognizes this need and provides expert, confidential, and no-cost counseling services through the Personal Assistance Service (PAS).

PAS is here to assist with a variety of challenges. Your PAS counselor will listen to your concerns, talk with you about them, and will then work with you to determine a plan of action. This plan may include short-term counseling at PAS or a referral to other resources at Duke or in the community. Following a counselor's recommendations is always up to you.

If you and your counselor determine that additional assistance outside of PAS could be beneficial, referrals will be suggested. If a referral is made outside of PAS, your counselor will work with you to obtain qualified, affordable services. Some of these services may be covered in part by your health insurance.

The following services are confidential and are provided at no cost:

  • Assessment and/or short-term counseling
  • Referrals for diagnosis, treatment, and assistance
  • Case management and follow-up
  • Crisis support (Critical Incident Response)
  • Management consultation

Out-of-State Employees

Call 1-800-327-2251 and press option 1 to get started with services.

Virtual Counseling Services

Personal Assistance Service (PAS) now offers virtual counseling services for benefits-eligible employees, staff, and their immediate family members. This is a more flexible option for individuals who work in remote locations or have difficulty getting to the PAS office.

All PAS clinicians are licensed and experienced psychologists, counselors, and clinical social workers who can assist with the kinds of problems that faculty, employees, and their families might face at work or home.


Need Help?

To schedule an appointment call 919-416-1727. Out-of-state employees should call 800-327-2251.